Vision Mission Values

Our Vision

To be a leader in the provision of quality aged care, embracing the needs of our culturally diverse community.

Our Mission

To provide the highest possible standard of care in an environment that is responsive to the changing needs of each individual.

Our Values

  • We are committed to providing quality care and services to ensure optimal quality of life.
  • Resident focus is important to us, along with the ability to cater for individual needs, preferences and choice.
  • We provide programs and activities which support the cultural diversity of our residents and staff.
  • We take a wellness approach, focusing on an individual’s strengths and promoting independence.
  • We aim to be flexible and responsive to our resident’s changing needs and expectations.
  • We are committed to delivering a high standard of care that focuses on continuous improvement through partnership and feedback.
  • We value integrity and honesty, rendering service on a high ethical level.
  • We respect each person’s privacy and dignity whilst ensuring their safety and security.
  • We provide a staff development program designed to meet the professional needs of all staff.
  • We respect each individual’s views, beliefs, culture and values in providing spiritual support.
  • We believe in providing a positive and inclusive environment to ensure everyone feels welcome and is able to participate.